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Domenico Crisci

(Jealous God, Summa Cum Laude / IT )


Korridor (live)

(Northern Electronics, Hypnus Records / SE)


DJ Flush




( Da Da Revolution , Vaseline Factory )


Tilt ( Dj & Live stet)

( Vaseline Factory)



Mapping: Kalma


Homo ◙ Lesbo ◙ Queer ◙ Transexual ◙ Freaks ◙ Genderqueer ◙ Gender Variant ◙ Polyamorist ◙ Gender Fluid◙ Trans ◙ Bisexual ◙ Slut Party Boi ◙ Androgynous ◙ Drags ◙ Trans-man ◙ She-Male ◙ Puppet ◙ PEP ◙ Condom ◙ ORSI ◙ ORSONI ◙ CHUBBY ◙ willkommen




➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤ Friday 03.02 ⚧ KITKAT Berlin .


� Antimateria is : the search for the everything and the nothing, the continuous fascination of the experiment in the sensorial effects under all its forms , the Antimateria creates a universe of possibilities unlimited and allows you to fall into it, in the silence of perception..


Dark atmospheres govern and evolve, to expansions,changes,and arrive to hit climax deafening.


� Main Hall:





☠ Hanno Hinkelbein

( killekill, ☠ death by rainbow )


Hanno is a veteran in the Techno world. He had his first gig in '96 and has been playing at clubnights like Ugly Funk in London, Monox in Glasgow and Tresor, OstGut and Berghain in Berlin. Lately he has also made it across the pond to play at Dickslap in Seattle and at Akbar in L.A.

Hanno plays rough tracks to throw your hands in the air to: Techno, rave, house, electro and he makes sure it's stuff you don't hear everywhere. Hard sets that never loose the fun and will put a smile on your face.

Since summer 2016 he is running Death By Rainbow with DJ Flush, shooting out queer ghetto dance tracks from the gutters.



⚛ TILT ( I.nOmac & Nrec ) Dj & Live set

( Vaseline Factory )


I.nOmac :Turntable Dj & Producer

Resident at Vaseline Factory & DA DA Revolution Berlin,

was and play in clubs such ,Tresor,Griesmhulle,Suicide Circus ,Kitkat and so on ....

With more than 20 years on the decks his music influence are

the reflex of his journey.

With just 17 years old he was moving from his motherland Italy to Spain where he was spending in total 9 years, after that he decide to move to the U.S.A for 7 years and now he is resident in the Capital of Germany for more than 5 years, this journey has bring new cultures,new languages and new sounds. This is the synthesis of I.nOmac.


Nrec :After studying Conservatorio in the center of Italy, his homeland, gets to sing, play guitar, piano, synths in several bands and projects (The Shell Collector, Resurrecturis, Tapewhore, Brain, Edenshade, Eyehate).

In the meanwhile sets up his own studio to work as a producer and mixing engineer, and studies with Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Peter Gabriel, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam), gets to work with artists from all over the world. (James Labrie from Dream Theater, Uli Kusch by Halloween among the others).



� Suzanne

( suzanne )


Suzanne began a serious interest in music as a drummer in punk, goth, black metal bands at an early age. In 2010 he moved to Bologna, where he worked for the Decadence. It was during this period he got in touch with the Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, Minimalwave, Synthpop.

In the end of 2013 he moved in Berlin where he was introduced to the world of techno. Listening to Drumcell and Subjected, brought him to this dark space so he decided to buy his firsts turntables, cdjs and mixer and start to produce his own music.

He is currently working on the music and video production. Keep your eyes out for his upcoming EP


� Lory Stark

( Dada Revolution )


⌨ Mapping :

� Kalma Visual


Kalma is a visual artist and a sound technician whose approach to the visual experience is intimately linked with her background of working with sound. It is spontaneous experimentation between both the languages of visual and audio.


Her work as a visual artist includes interactive installations, mapping and vjing, which she combines with her passion for teaching.


"For me, vjing is not a translation of sound into light and video, but an intertwining and choreographing of the parts, creating new and unrepeatable experiences from moment to moment. Sound and public play intimate rolls in this process".


Since 2008, she has performed at art festivals and played in clubs around Europe including Contemporary Performing Arts of Glastonbury (UK), Laptoprus (Madrid), Perspective Festival, Dokfest Kassel, Krakow Fest (Germany), Fiesta is Madrid (Amsterdam), Weekend, Suicide Circus, Ohm (Berlin), Fabrik, Mondo, Goa electronic parties (Madrid)...

Currently living in Berlin, she organizes/hosts workshops, collaborates with a variety of artists and collectives such as Female Pressure and Raw Chicks and writes articles for Vjspain.


� Pool Area :


� Katerchen Kotek " Exerimental Set "






Treat everyone with respect and be kind to other people.

Touching anyone without permission or any form of

harassment is strictly forbidden.




Costumes, fethish, pvc & leather , uniforms,glitter,


� For this event we will apriciate:

Space Costumes ,Steam Punk , 80s' ,


� No ordinary street wear



⌦ List


KIT KAT CLUB 23.12.2016



We arrived on the second glorious VASELINE FACTORY one night before x-mas, we are proud to present: "G.H.H."





With the same identity 'we will be reborn in another skin.


A new God will be born in the womb of one of the most transgressive clubs in the world KITKAT Club on Friday 23.12.2016


Our values remain the same, BE THE OTHER OF YOUR SELF!


Glory to all the new creatures, covered with leather, plastic,

multicolored dingdongs and the queens of protein shakes.


Holy paraphilia & libido into a mass of hysteria and bipolarism,

Voyeurism, transforming, exhibitionism, Submissive, Dominatrix, into an infamous gathering.


Horn is the key, the Fetish obsessions, the personification of the "energy in animals and the wild" all around us,our secrets shoutingemerges in to a unique message.


Music :

During the course of Vaseline Factory G.H.H. will present the new


album of NREC a stunning project, sought experimental electronica: true blood brush strokes!



Beppe Loda

Francesco Zappala'







Performance : Noraly Cyberesque and the Crew + TBA


Vj: Visual Bombing

Photo: TBA

Video: TBA


Installations: TBA


G.H.H. Hard X Market & Expo:


APROPRIATE DRESS CODE based on the concept and on yours


bipolarism,personal creativity,individual imagination and diversity are really welcome,so take your time to come up with something special and unique.


ΩThe dress code is vigorously checked by our dooraliens.

ΩThere are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.


We wish lots of fun!



Treat everyone with respect and be kind to other people.

Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment is strictly forbidden.


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